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Dr. Pablo Odeley Puente Fumero MD, PhD 


General Physician, Master in Medical Emergencies, Autism and Developmental Disorders, bilingual, with a medical license to practice in four countries. With more than 12 years of experience in various prestigious institutions. Currently focused on offering the best possible quality of life to patients, avoiding chronic pain, and providing an excellent preventive service. 

Dr. Pablo O. Puente has received innumerable national and international recognitions for his outstanding work as a doctor and also for his philanthropic work. Among the awards received are:


  • ICRC Award, CU 2008

  • Best Emergency Physician Award, Barinas, 2010

  • Charity S.Aemy Award, MI USA, 2014

  • Best FMD of Year 2018 Award, Odeley MH, USA

  • Certificate of Excellence TopDoctor 2021

  • Nominated as one of the best 100 doctors in the world in 2022 according to Top100Doc.


Valued by patients as one of the Top Doctors in Spain in 2020.

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Specialist in:

  • home emergencies

  • Pain treatment

  • addictions

  • Psychotherapy

  • Autism 

  • Homeopathy



  • Cardenal Herrera University, ES

  • Carlos J. Finlay Medical University, CU

  • Carlos Albizuz University USA

  • Hodges University USA

  • Central University of Madrid, Master in Autism, 2015, ES


  • Nominated and ratified as one of the best doctors in the world  por Top100Doc

  • Certificate of Excellence 2021 Doctoralia

  • Certificate of Excellence  2022 Topdoctors 

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diseases treated

  • Hypertension, Respiratory allergies

  • low back pain chronic spine pain

  • Chronic pain, Headache (headache), Migraine

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Depression, Anxiety disorder, Bipolar disorder

  • sexual dysfunctions

  • Acute urinary tract infection (acute UTI)

  • Drug abuse and drug dependency

  • Doctor Medical Online-Line

  • Fit to fly 


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