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What is DrWeb?

DrWeb.App, the healthcare revolution that is currently in its exciting beta testing phase.


DrWeb.App is an innovative application designed to serve both doctors and patients. We primarily focus on independent physicians and small practices who are seeking quality solutions to enhance their healthcare, but are often challenged by the high cost of off-the-shelf medical technology solutions.


Our app is much more than a patient management tool; is a comprehensive platform that seeks to change the game in the field of healthcare. At the core of our functions, we offer efficient medical record management. This functionality not only provides a detailed and comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, but also facilitates better communication and informed decision-making between physicians and patients.


In addition, DrWeb.App seamlessly integrates a medical booking service into the calendar. This free and easy-to-use feature allows patients to schedule and manage their medical appointments, optimizing time and resources for both patient and physician.


But that is not all. DrWeb.App goes further by facilitating video consultations via Zoom. In these changing times, we understand the need for flexible and accessible healthcare from the comfort of your home. For this reason, we have incorporated the possibility of remote medical consultations.


In addition, we include a secretarial section. This feature is like having a virtual assistant, allowing doctors to effectively manage their schedules, patients, and administrative tasks.


And there is still much more to discover in DrWeb.App. We are working tirelessly to include more features that revolutionize and facilitate your healthcare experience. We invite clinicians and patients to join us in this exciting beta phase and become part of the digital healthcare transformation. Welcome to DrWeb.App, your health future is here!

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